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About Grenades

Grenades is a turn based artillery game, in which players take turns to throw grenades at each other. The first creature to be hit by a grenade loses!

The game can be played for wins or points, and is played over 1,3,5, or 7 rounds. If playing for wins, you simply need to win more rounds than your opponent. When playing points; accuracy is more important, so win in as few, and as accurate shots as possible to ensure the highest number of points.


In order to aim your grenade use the cross hairs on the screen to set your trajectory, and power. The Y axis (vertical) is used to set your angle of attack, it runs from 0 to 90 degrees. The X axis (horizontal) is used to set your power. The higher your power, the faster and further your grenade will travel. On the harder difficulty levels you will also need to compensate for wind speed and direction


Wins: This mode is self explanatory, simply win more rounds than your opponent. This mode does not give you a score, and thus has no high score table. It's pure and simple grenade carnage, designed to sort the Gorillas from the Penguins.

Points: When scoring points, each round has a maximum score, and each player loses points for each miss. The points you lose depends on the accuracy of the shot. If you miss by a mile, then expect to lose a lot of points. It is possible for a player to win fewer matches, but still win on points. At the end of the match your ranking is calculated, and the ranking points are used to place you in the high score table. You must win the match to be ranked.

Ranking: The ranking points are calculated by working out your average score (taking your match points and dividing them by the number of rounds). A 2000 point bonus is then added to the average score for each round you won. If a player commits Suicide during a match it does not count as a win for the other player, and no win bonus is awarded for that round.

Screen Shots

Screen Shot: City Screen Shot: Andromeda Screen Shot: Mars Screen Shot: Neptune

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