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KITT Sillyness

The Knight Industries Two Thousand on your keyboard! Remember KnightRider? This evolved during a wildly off-topic discussion on slashdot. Add these two aliases to your .bashrc and then run KITT to make your num,caps,scoll lock LEDs behave like the panel in KITTs bonnet.
 alias setleds='setleds -L < /dev/tty1'
 alias KITT='while :; do setleds -L +num; setleds -L -caps ; sleep 0.2; setleds -L; setleds -L +caps ; setleds -L -num; sleep 0.1 ; setleds -L ; setleds -L +scroll ; setleds -L -caps; sleep 0.2; setleds -L ; setleds -L +caps ; setleds -L -scroll; sleep 0.1;setleds -L ; done'
Just run "setleds" after you've finished with KITT to get the LEDs back to how they should be.
These aliases use /dev/tty1, Psuedo terminals don't seem to support the KDGETLED ioctl that setleds uses. If you're not actualy looged into /dev/tty1 you will need to run this as root.