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Goodbye NetBanx. Hello Zeus!

After five and a half years I'm leaving NetBanx to go and work for Zeus Technologies. Since NetBanx was purchased in November 2005 by Neteller PLC we have been busy moving to a new office and setting up a new data centre on the Isle of Man. Neteller out-source all of their systems management to a Canadian Telco, so that is what they decided to do with NetBanx. We no longer have root access to the production kit.
Got root? No!
On the LAN Neteller are replacing our mail server (Exim / Cyrus / openXchange) with MS Exchange and replacing our Samba server with MS Active Directory. Every where I look there's another 'nix box being replaced or removed. NetBanx is being recreated in Netellers image and it's not the image of a Penguin, a Demon or a Puffer fish.