Guess Who

This is a java applet called GuessHoo. It's a simple guessing game, replicating the classic MB board game called "Guess Who". My art work isn't as pretty as the board game, but maybe Rufio will take pity on me ;-)
About The Game
The aim of Guess Who is to deduce your opponents character by asking a series of questions to narrow down the possibilities. The first person to guess the identity of their opponent is the winner. Be careful though because in "Strict Guessing" mode (the default), if you guess wrong, you lose.
If you find the confines of the embeded applet too small you can launch the applet in an external window from the options menu. You can also turn "Strict Guessing" off, enable tool tip attribute pop ups and switch on automatic card turn over.

You can download the source for GuessHoo here
You can download a tarball, of the source and images to build the jar here
The images and XML configuration for this game are here


The GuessHoo engine is a java applet for making "Guess Who" like games. The images and attributes are completely customisable so anyone can use GuessHoo to make their own version of "Guess Who".

Instructions for customising GuessHoo are here.