JavaDKIM 1.0 Released

Finally, after many months of doing other things, I have found some time to complete testing of JavaDKIM. I found a few remaining bugs (mostly in the simple canonicalisation code), and have fully tested it against Google Gmail. Everything seems to be working as it should, so this afternoon I have uploaded the source and binaries for JavaDKIM 1.0.
JavaDKIM Logo

Java GetKeyData Utility

Have you ever needed to extract a private key from a Java KeyStore? It's a pain, but Keytool only allows you to export the certificates, and not the RSA private keys. A colleague needed to do exactly that on Friday afernoon, so on Monday morning I wrote a little utility to do it.
The GetKeyData utility can be used to print both the certificate and private key of any PKI or SSL certificates you may have in a java keystore (as used by tomcat and other J2EE servers).


The DKIM and DomainKey specifications provide methods for domain level authentication of email messages. They can help in reducing the amount of UCE (Unsolicted Commercial Email), AKA spam, recieved by users of electronic mail. I was unable to find a Java implementation of DKIM, so I decided I would write one....
JavaDKIM is born!
Update: 2009-06-07 Java DKIM 1.0 has been released!

Customising GuessHoo

Have you ever played the classic MB board game Guess Who? During Christmas I decided to write my own version of that game in java. My java version of the original Guess Who game is in the games section here.
This article will describe how to use my java engine "GuessHoo" to create your own custom guessing games.  All you need to do is provide your own pictures and a XML configuration file.

Guess Who

This is a java applet called GuessHoo. It's a simple guessing game, replicating the classic MB board game called "Guess Who". My art work isn't as pretty as the board game, but maybe Rufio will take pity on me ;-)
About The Game
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