New and Improved Pcap Utility

It's been three years since I wrote the first pcap-util perl script for splitting and searching pcap capture files, and now largley thanks to Damien Mascord of we have an update. Prepare yourself to be amazed by the sequal: "Pcap Util 2, Attack of the Application Layer"

JavaDKIM 1.0 Released

Finally, after many months of doing other things, I have found some time to complete testing of JavaDKIM. I found a few remaining bugs (mostly in the simple canonicalisation code), and have fully tested it against Google Gmail. Everything seems to be working as it should, so this afternoon I have uploaded the source and binaries for JavaDKIM 1.0.
JavaDKIM Logo

Java GetKeyData Utility

Have you ever needed to extract a private key from a Java KeyStore? It's a pain, but Keytool only allows you to export the certificates, and not the RSA private keys. A colleague needed to do exactly that on Friday afernoon, so on Monday morning I wrote a little utility to do it.
The GetKeyData utility can be used to print both the certificate and private key of any PKI or SSL certificates you may have in a java keystore (as used by tomcat and other J2EE servers).

Utility for processing pcap dumps

tcpdump, ethereal, wireshark, snoop, etc all use the pcap file format for saving packet capture information. That means you can capture information from say OpenBSD PF and then analyse the data in wireshark. The only problem I find is that capture files can get huge and when that happens they are a real PITA to analyse.


GPGSesame is a perl script that collects and verifies Open PGP signed / encrypted mail and allows access through a Linux Netfilter firewall. This enables you to remotely open holes in your iptables by simply sending a GPG email to authenticate yourself. The version here opens acess to the SSH port, but you're free to modify the script if you want to change that.