Apache mod_proxy statistics

This is a little script I wrote that uses awk to generate information on Apache mod_proxy performance. The script is called cachestats.sh and it takes in a list of log files to process. 
For each log it tells you how many requests were served along with the real numbers and percentages of those that were Hits, Misses or Un-cacheable. It breaks each one down by HTTP return code.
You can download the script here ==> cachestats.sh
Copyright: Mark Boddington 2005 
Hopefully it will help you gauge how well your mod_proxy installation is doing at proxying your content. If you have a high percentage of misses perhaps you need to increase the values of some of your Cache* directives.
The script expects the logfiles to be in the format:
    LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{X-Cache}o\""
If you use some other format you may need to alter the script a little. The script only actually uses the return code and the X-Cache fields. As long as you have those it should work with a little tweaking.