Apache (NCSA) Visitor statistics

I've been looking through some old files and I found this log analysis script kicking around. It's really simple and outputs the total hits and unique hits (visitors) per day as read from a NCSA format log file. Thought I would post it here for posterity.
This really is first exercise in "bash for dummies" type stuff though ;p 
Not that I have that book or even know if it exists?

Apache mod_proxy statistics

This is a little script I wrote that uses awk to generate information on Apache mod_proxy performance. The script is called cachestats.sh and it takes in a list of log files to process. 
For each log it tells you how many requests were served along with the real numbers and percentages of those that were Hits, Misses or Un-cacheable. It breaks each one down by HTTP return code.

Solaris, Apache and mod_SSL

There is some kind of incompatability between the solaris yacc pre-processor and GNU flex when building mod_ssl. Also mod_ssl requires the GNU version of m4 and will not compile with the Solaris version.
M4 Failure 
If your build fails at "flex -Pssl_expr_yy -s -B ssl_expr_scan.l" with error "m4: bad option: -P"
then you are using the Solaris m4. Install the GNU m4 and ensure it is in your path before /usr/ccs/bin/m4
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