Apache (NCSA) Visitor statistics

I've been looking through some old files and I found this log analysis script kicking around. It's really simple and outputs the total hits and unique hits (visitors) per day as read from a NCSA format log file. Thought I would post it here for posterity.
This really is first exercise in "bash for dummies" type stuff though ;p 
Not that I have that book or even know if it exists?
==> Download loganalysis.sh
License: GPL Version 2
Copyright: Mark Boddington (C) 2004
mark@boxen:~$ ./loganalysis.sh
./loganalysis.sh Usage:

This script takes a NCSA standard transfer log and displays the total number of hits
for each day included in the logfile.
Output is tab delimited by default, you can use -c to get comma delimitation.

./loganalysis.sh [-c] <Log file>