Savage 2: A tortured Soul

If you have never played Savage you are missing a real treat. I spent hours and hours playing Savage when it was released by S2 Games in 2003. It invented a whole new game playing genre RTSS (Real Time Strategy Shooter) by combining the best elements of a FPS and a RTS in one game.
I can't believe it's been three years since Savage was released, and now S2 Games are about to launch the sequel Savage 2: A tortured soul.
At the time of writing S2 Games are about to start the beta process for Savage 2 and anyone who has pre-ordered the game will get entry into the beta process. Unfortunately they will not be beta testing the Linux client at the same time. However there may be a short beta period for the Linux client a few weeks before the final release. S2 Games do promise a Linux client at launch.
Savage will not be available in the shops and you can only get it by purchasing it from their website. As a Savage fan I'll be doing my bit to spread the word.
Another great thing about Savage 2 is it will be free for use on a LAN. You can download the game and play through the tutorial and on the LAN without paying a penny. If you then decide you want to play on-line you will need to purchase a license.