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Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year!
I only just managed to get that into January, but in my defence, I would have said it yesterday, but it was Yanys birthday :-p
It would appear that apart  from promising more updates in August I realy haven't blogged a lot during 2007. So I guess you're wondering what happened?

Return of the Hamster

We were lucky enough to get tickets to the recording of the first episode in the new series of TopGear (series 9 aparently). The hamster is back!  

Merry Christmas 2006

Well not too long to go now. Only 3 more shopping days!
I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and provide you with 5 great tips to help you survive through to the new year. No one wants to be a late entrant for the Darwin awards now do they?!?!
1. If you haven't had your work party yet, remember not to sit on the
photocopier. The nurses at A&E rarely see the funny side when they're
pulling shards of glass out of your ass.

A goat isn't just for Christmas

A friend at work said they were getting their dad a goat for Christmas. It was mostly because he'd said he didn't want a present this year and there were people in greater need. So she donated a goat on his behalf through UNICEF. That'll learn him!


Home Again

Well Hong Kong was fantatsic! We stayed in a hotel near Mong Kok, which was pretty well situated for getting all over the peninsular. Kowloon and Hong Kong Island to the south and the new territories to the north. Food and travel were both really cheap and the public transport was clean, frequent and punctual. It really puts the UK to shame. I think the longest I had to wait for a train was 7 minutes, but mostly they came along every 2.

Hong Kong and Tin Foil

What on earth does Hong Kong have to do with tin foil? Absolutely nothing at all.

Lamb Curry

We're at Yanys parents house today and her dad has just made us a nice lamb curry. I thought it was a great idea because Yany doesn't like lamb! Except that every time we have it she changes her mind and eats it all. So I didn't get to steal any of hers Cry

Working at Zeus

Well Zeus is pretty cool. I'm on the ZXTM training course today and it can do some pretty cool things! The ZXTM is a web accelerator using Linux and Zeus technology to do some pretty impressive stuff. One of it's great features is trafficscript, which is a very powerful scripting language allowing you to do anything from redirecting web pages to rewriting them!

Early mornings

I think I must have had about 2 hours sleep last night and I had to get up at 03:00 for a NetBanx code release. The release all went as planned and I was back home by lunch time! That will almost certainly be my last ever NetBanx release. Three more days and then I'll be off to the Greener pastures of Zeus technologies.
I'll be sad to leave NetBanx, but I also can't wait to get to Zeus.


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