Hong Kong and Tin Foil

What on earth does Hong Kong have to do with tin foil? Absolutely nothing at all.
A pet hate of mine is when people use tin foil the wrong way round! Come on people, it's the not the most complicated invention known to man! It comes with a dull side and a shiny side. Shiny side reflects radiation (heat), dull side lets it pass through. If you want to keep something warm or cook it faster then shiny side in. If you want to keep something cool shiny side out. It's that simple. Stop wrapping everything shiny side out. It's not there to look pretty!
Oh yeah and we're off to Hong Kong on Sunday..... 
It seems like it was ages ago that we booked it, but it's finally time and we fly on sunday. Yipee! I'm looking forward to seeing HK, but I'm not looking forward to the thirteen hour flight. I'm going to need a bigger battery for my PSP!
Due to my absence over the next two weeks I have disabled the auto-publication of comments. As the only people who post comments seem to be asshole spammers anyway I don't suppose it wall cause anyone any difficulties.
Hong Kong here we come!