Home Again

Well Hong Kong was fantatsic! We stayed in a hotel near Mong Kok, which was pretty well situated for getting all over the peninsular. Kowloon and Hong Kong Island to the south and the new territories to the north. Food and travel were both really cheap and the public transport was clean, frequent and punctual. It really puts the UK to shame. I think the longest I had to wait for a train was 7 minutes, but mostly they came along every 2.
It was all really good, except for the humidity. The City was great, the mountains were great and the beaches were great. The Budha on Lantau Island was huge! I'm definately going back some day. Maybe when I've drunk all the tea I brought back with me.
I really need to add a gallery to this site so I can start uploading the photos. Maybe I'll look at doing that over the weekend.