Return of the Hamster

We were lucky enough to get tickets to the recording of the first episode in the new series of TopGear (series 9 aparently). The hamster is back!  
The filming takes place at Dunsfold airfield in surrey. Usually the filming is quite relaxed, but as this was the first episode since Hamsters accident there were no cameras, phones or handbags allowed in the studio. The primary reason being they were going to show the crash! 
It was quite spooky watching it because Hammond says something along the lines of "This could very easily kill me" before he does his first run.  Obviously Clarkson didn't miss a single opportunity to criticise his driving. Which is fair enough, the runway was quite wide! ;-)
Joking aside, everyone I know is glad he's back, and apart from acting a little bit more like a princess. Princess Diana specifically, he's hardly changed at all. I just hope the crash didn't flatten his owl!
So remember to watch TopGear, this Sunday, 8pm.
Finally, if you ever get the opportunity to go and stand in the audience, you should do it. All the guys (Clarkson, May and Hammond) are really funny and the bits you don't see require a parental advisory, three redbulls and an entire herd of watersheds.