Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year!
I only just managed to get that into January, but in my defence, I would have said it yesterday, but it was Yanys birthday :-p
It would appear that apart  from promising more updates in August I realy haven't blogged a lot during 2007. So I guess you're wondering what happened?
Well in June, I got promoted from the support team at Zeus Technology in to the Pre-Sales team. So they now let me leave my desk and meet customers and partners. I'm realy enjoying it, getting out and about and still being able to work on technical projects. I must have atleast 5 knowledgehub articles to write when I find the time.
Yany and I went to Italy in May for the first time ever. We went the Coggins family (Ruth, Haydn and little Rose). since then I've been about 5 more times with work, visiting Milano, Turino, Bolognia, Roma, and Genova. Zeus also sent me to the USA in November, I spent four days in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, four days on Clearwater Beach - Florida, and four days in New York. Which turned into 12 days when Yany flew out and met me there.
All in all a good year.