ZXTM Dynamic Provisioning

Here's a cool little video of ZXTM using a Java Extension to initiate provisioning actions on a VMware Virtual Infrastructure environment. A TrafficScript rule detects when the service is under load and then calls the Java Extension, and instructs it to power on a Virtual Machine in the specified pool. Once the machine is up and running, the Java Extension then adds the new node to the pool.
The JavaExtension is called VMPoolControl and will be available from the Zeus Knowledgehub shortly.

Update 2008-09-04: The KnowledgeHub article has finally been published, and it has a better quality video than youtube. Full instructions on creating an Adaptive Infrastructure with Dynamic Provisioning can be found in the article.
Take a look: VMware VI and Dynamic Provisioning with ZXTM

Article now on wayback machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20101102213928/http://knowledgehub.zeus.com/articles/2008/08/29/vmware_vi_and_dynamic_provisioning_with