ZXTM Eventing Modules

Over the past few days I've written some perl modules to plug a Zeus ZXTM Traffic Manager into first, Twitter, and then a Nabaztag bunny. At first both of these seem a little frivolous, but on further reflection perhaps a little ingenious. I can now keep an eye on my networks and application servers by following my ZXTM on Twitter, or I can get a small plastic bunny to yell at me in my living room, when things go wrong.

ZXTM Dynamic Provisioning

Here's a cool little video of ZXTM using a Java Extension to initiate provisioning actions on a VMware Virtual Infrastructure environment. A TrafficScript rule detects when the service is under load and then calls the Java Extension, and instructs it to power on a Virtual Machine in the specified pool. Once the machine is up and running, the Java Extension then adds the new node to the pool.
The JavaExtension is called VMPoolControl and will be available from the Zeus Knowledgehub shortly.

Zeus Articles

I've written a few Zeus Technology articles in my time at Zeus, and I thought it would be useful to link to those articles and other Zeus support resources from here :-)
The number one place for any ZXTM related information has to be the Zeus KnowledgeHub
And of course, the best articles on their are published by Mark Boddington ;-) 
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