Cisco Port-Security

How to set the number of mac-addresses allowed on a secure switch port. This is useful if you have setup swtichport security, but want to allow one or more ports to be used by multiple machines or virtual machines. This is how you enable more than one mac-address on a port.
When you have logged onto the switch and entered the enable mode. Enter the configuration terminal,
    conf term
    interface <interface name>

Solaris password history

Solaris 9 is a little confused when it comes to security. It implements some cool features likes roles, RBAC and BSM auditing, but doesn't include decent password strength or password history checks. Luckily Solaris 9 does include PAM so these things can be added as modules. 
Password cracking is easy, we just need to add a Solaris version of pam_cracklib, but I was unable to find a suitable module for password history. I decided to modify the pam_cracklib module  to include a password history check...
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