Savage: The Battle for Newerth now Free

I just read on linuX-Gamers that S2 Games have decided to make Savage free! This is undoubtedly to generate interest in the upcoming release of Savage 2, but it's still great news. Now you have no excuse not to take it for a spin.
You can only get the windows client from the Savage home page, but linuX gamers linked directly to the Linux files. I'm reproducing those links below.

Savage 2: A tortured Soul

If you have never played Savage you are missing a real treat. I spent hours and hours playing Savage when it was released by S2 Games in 2003. It invented a whole new game playing genre RTSS (Real Time Strategy Shooter) by combining the best elements of a FPS and a RTS in one game.

Goodbye NetBanx. Hello Zeus!

After five and a half years I'm leaving NetBanx to go and work for Zeus Technologies. Since NetBanx was purchased in November 2005 by Neteller PLC we have been busy moving to a new office and setting up a new data centre on the Isle of Man. Neteller out-source all of their systems management to a Canadian Telco, so that is what they decided to do with NetBanx. We no longer have root access to the production kit.

All About Me

The content on this website is largely put together by me Mark Boddington.
I'm a Unix Administrator and huge Open Source fan. I've been running linux as my desktop OS since RedHat 5.2 was on the bleeding edge. LINUX is READY for the DESKTOP! Has Been for YEARS! INSTALL IT ALREADY!

Mysql dropping 3.23 and 4.0

So Mysql are dropping unpaid support for 3.2 in August and for 4.0 in October. I think this is passing many people by and I'm not sure Mysql are shouting load enough about it. There'll be some burned fingers before the summer is out.
I read this on a Mysql blog  

The cool side of the house

It's days like these that I'm glad the computer is on the east side of the house. The sun is blazing in the window out the back, but it's nice and cool where I am. Of course the breeze helps too.
It will soon be time to hit the pub garden and drink ice cold beer. Mmmm beer. I'm feeling rather good today because I have finally fixed GPGSesame, which means I'm never further than an email away from a "cup of Ubuntu". Lovely.

My first blog

How many people use the title "My first blog" for their first blog entry?

Why should I abandon transparent PNG for Internet Explorer?