JavaDKIM 1.0 Released

Finally, after many months of doing other things, I have found some time to complete testing of JavaDKIM. I found a few remaining bugs (mostly in the simple canonicalisation code), and have fully tested it against Google Gmail. Everything seems to be working as it should, so this afternoon I have uploaded the source and binaries for JavaDKIM 1.0.
JavaDKIM Logo
You may download the new binaries and/or source code from the usual place take it for a spin.
I tested the library using the test utilities found in the badpenguin.dkim.test package, and by using the library from a couple of ZXTM Java Extensions (signing outgoing mail to Google). The SignMail and VerifyMail utilities can be used to sign and verify emails found within text files, but they're aren't particularly useful in the real world. However they do demonstrate how the library is used.
I have been putting together a little SMTPproxy daemon which will be able to Sign and/or Verify mail which passes through it. I hope to release this soon. Shortly after the ZXTM Java Extensions are available.