Grenades for Android

On Wednesday evening I launched my first ever Android application onto the Android Market. It's an old style (retro) artillery game called Grenades inspired by the 90's classic Gorillas.
Androids on Mars
So far I've sold about 6 copies, which isn't going to make me rich in a hurry but it's only been 48 hours... Maybe it will pick up soon.

Customising GuessHoo

Have you ever played the classic MB board game Guess Who? During Christmas I decided to write my own version of that game in java. My java version of the original Guess Who game is in the games section here.
This article will describe how to use my java engine "GuessHoo" to create your own custom guessing games.  All you need to do is provide your own pictures and a XML configuration file.

Guess Who

This is a java applet called GuessHoo. It's a simple guessing game, replicating the classic MB board game called "Guess Who". My art work isn't as pretty as the board game, but maybe Rufio will take pity on me ;-)
About The Game

Savage: The Battle for Newerth now Free

I just read on linuX-Gamers that S2 Games have decided to make Savage free! This is undoubtedly to generate interest in the upcoming release of Savage 2, but it's still great news. Now you have no excuse not to take it for a spin.
You can only get the windows client from the Savage home page, but linuX gamers linked directly to the Linux files. I'm reproducing those links below.

Savage 2: A tortured Soul

If you have never played Savage you are missing a real treat. I spent hours and hours playing Savage when it was released by S2 Games in 2003. It invented a whole new game playing genre RTSS (Real Time Strategy Shooter) by combining the best elements of a FPS and a RTS in one game.

Gaming sites

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    3. Happy Penguin
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